Pence's loyalty to Trump may be his own undoing

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Trump, the NY real estate businessman and Republican presidential candidate, has endured heavy criticism, including from his own party, since news reports Friday about a 2005 video showing Trump making lewd comments about groping women.

This was after an audio recording from 2005 features Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making lewd comments about women during a conversation with then-"Access Hollywood" host, billy Bush. Sure, he can pronounce China correctly and carry on a televised debate without sniffling an estimated 5,000 times, but the IN governor could make just as bad, if not worse, a president as Trump.

NEWTON, Iowa (CNN) - Indiana Gov. Mike Pence dissuaded a female supporter Tuesday from starting a revolution in the wake of a Hillary Clinton victory in a passionate exchange here in Iowa during a town hall.

"I like to say it takes a big man to know when you're wrong, to admit it, to apologize, and Donald Trump did just that", Pence said.

"Donald Trump's comments toward women, describing acts of sexual assault, are absolutely disgusting and as a woman, mother, and grandmother, I am outraged that a person like that is actually a candidate for the president of the United States of America", said Roanoke Vice Mayor Anita Price.

"I'm a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order", he said.

"Last Sunday night, my running mate showed humility", Pence said at the evangelical college. The Indiana governor had been slated to fill in for Trump at a weekend event in Wisconsin with House Speaker Paul Ryan, after the speaker disinvited Trump, but decided not to go.

After canceling a weekend campaign appearance and leaving Trump alone to deal with a video of sexually predatory remarks, Pence trumpeted the GOP nominee's debate performance and hit the road for swing-state North Carolina.

Of course, Trump's way of life means never having to say you're sorry. His declaration that Clinton should be "disqualified" from serving as president garnered his first standing applause, and among the student body, the anti-Clinton attitude was prevalent - yet not enough to lead all of the students to throwing their own support behind Trump.

Mr Trump said at the beginning of the 90-minute showdown with his Democratic rival: "I apologise to my family". In my mind, that is the moment you could consider Pence the victor. Ron Johnson. Trump initially said Pence would speak for him. Trump, before greeting Zucker, tells Bush he needs to use Tic Tacs in case he starts kissing her.