Debate questioner Kenneth Bone becomes internet star

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Bone was a town hall audience member who asked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about energy policy, and he inexplicably captivated the Twitterverse. The rest is history.

Bone said he remains undecided on who he'll vote for come November, but he plans to make a decision after the third and final debate, which is set for October 19, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Social media fell in love with Kenneth Bone after he was selected to ask Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a question on environmental policy.

Bone told CNN he was toward supporting Trump, but was impressed by Clinton's composure and looks forward to the final debate.

For more on something more humorous that the painful debate, head over to where you'll see him operate his disposable camera after the debate.

Part of the appeal of Bone, whose Twitter account identifies him as being from St. Louis, is the fact that he was so darn earnest.

That man, Ken Bone, immediately started trending nationally as Americans, it seems, were relieved to hear a kind word.

Who knows if Bone is even a baseball fan, but you can't blame Kelly for shooting his shot. Expect a sea of red sweaters while trick-or-treating this year.

"I want Ken Bone to wrap that lovely red cableknit sweater of his around our divided nation", tweeted Newsday writer Marc Carig. "Oh Kenneth Bone, you make us all feel less alone, in this bizarro phantom zone, in this darkest of timelines", crooned one YouTuber.

Bone also gained thousands of Twitter followers in the hours after the debate. It seems freaky to me, that people care what I have to say. "I don't know why they care what I have to say but I'm glad they're engaged in the political process".

CNN's Carol Costello pointed out Bone's charm, quoting a tweet that said Bone is "33% confidence, 33% calming demeanor, 33% hugability, 1% power stache".

Sometimes, after a night as dark and dire as Sunday night was, you'll latch onto anything to buoy you up and give you hope.