Tesla Model 3: Low Price May Not Last

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It could also be related to the splotchy sales figures of the mid-tier Model X 60D, which people were probably skipping in favor of the Model X 75D.

The 60kWh option was introduced in July to make the all-electric SUV more affordable, like the Model S, before the Model 3 launch.

You will even be able to use a model X auto now but you will have to pay $85,500 which is nearly Anne Grand more than what you were doing previously.

Surprisingly after 3 months of lots of pomp and show regarding the most affordable variant of the tesla driverless cars, Tesla Motors made a decision to take away the model X 60D from the market all together.

Apart from the discontinuation of the 60kWh option, the automaker made the Smart Air Suspension standard on all the variants of the falcon-wing-door vehicle, which led to the abrupt increase in prices.

Chopping off about $6k from the basic Model X 75D, the company set out to introduce a pocket-friendly version of their electric SUVs that were gaining vast popularity among the populous.

This cut will also save Tesla the time it would have put into making the 60D models.

The Model X now starts at $86,700 (including $1,200 freight) for the 75D package, raising the starting price by more than $10,000.

Secondly, the automaker loses on margin every time a customer choose a 75kWh option over 60kWh and the Model S 60 has generated a lot of demand mainly through the Model S reservation holders. Although it could only take you a little distance of 200 miles comma if you wanted to give it a little more boost, a price of €9,500 Dollars would take care of your requirements.