'Let's just get this over with,' says Justin Trudeau meeting with Royals

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Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in Canada for their royal tour with both their adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, in tow.

Charlotte, 16 months, wearing a pretty ruffled dress from Spanish label m&H, with matching shoes and a bow in her hair, cuddled up to her mum Kate as they met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other dignitaries.

Prince George's first overseas trip was to New Zealand and Australia in 2014.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting the country for the second time since they got married. The first time they were in Canada they were newlyweds, and the Canadian crowds warmly welcomed them.

Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge greets onlookers in front of the Legislative Assembly.

Later that evening, William gave a speech in which he said that he and Kate were "delighted" to be welcomed in Canada again.

The public will only see the children once at their departure on October 1 and the media will only see the kids a few times during an eight-day visit. The royal couple has drastically reduced their children's public appearances because they fear aggressive and unsafe tactics from paparazzi. George later waved for the cameras but looked a little overwhelmed after a long flight. On this visit the royals will visit British Columbia and the Yukon. They will stay at the Government House in Victoria, which would be the base of the family for the eight-day trip.

Landing in Canada on Saturday on a weeklong official visit with parents Prince William and Kate Middleton, George, holding his father's hand, ignored Trudeau when he squatted down to the toddler's level to offer a high-five variation, the low-five.

The couple already attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the cenotaph in Victoria. They also unveiled a plaque created for Canadian military personnel who fought in Afghanistan.

Kate and William will visit Vancouver on Sunday (25 September) to visit Downtown Eastside, which is an area known for poverty and homeless addicts.

The first stop on Day 2 of their visit will be a tour of Sheway, a program that provides health and social service support to pregnant women, and women with infants who are dealing with addiction issues.

The royals will then move on to an immigrant welcome centre where they will talk with refugee families from Syria.