Charlotte police release video of shooting but doubts remain

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Under pressure, the Charlotte police chief finally released both body and dashboard camera videos on Saturday of the fatal police shooting of Keith Scott.

Police say they have arrested a suspect in the deadly shooting of a protester during demonstrations in Charlotte over an officer's killing of a black man. It's not apparent in the video if he's holding anything shortly before he was shot.

With the release of the dash-cam footage, the department released this statement: "The dash-cam footage is from the time in which the officer operating the vehicle with the dash-cam video arrives on the scene until officers began rendering first aid to Mr. Scott".

In the police dashboard camera video released Saturday night, Scott could be seen backing away from his SUV with his hands down, and it's unclear if there's anything in his hands.

Relatives and their attorney said their questions aren't answered by the release of partial police video footage.

"There is no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand", Mr Putney said. "He's passively stepping back".

Now you have a case where they likely did recover a gun, but the video is at best indefinitive as to whether that gun was held and whether Mr. Scott was acting in a manner would get him killed.

The dashboard camera footage opens with a police vehicle pulling up as two officers point their guns at Scott, who is inside the SUV with the doors closed and windows rolled up. Officer Vinson fired his issued service weapon, striking Mr. Scott. It briefly shows Scott standing outside his vehicle before he is shot, but it is not clear whether he has something in his hand. The body camera footage doesn't show the moment shots are fired, and Scott is next seen on the ground.

"Our criminal apprehension team, VCAT, just apprehended Rayquan Borum - and we´ll give you more information on that - who is the suspect in the murder of Mr. Justin Carr,"said Police Chief Kerr Putney".

At his news conference, Putney said that his officers didn't break the law but noted that the state is continuing its investigation.

"Officers are absolutely not being charged by me at this point, but again, there's another investigation ongoing", he said.

Two plainclothes officers in an unmarked vehicle were preparing to serve a warrant on someone else when Scott pulled up and parked next to them, according to the document. They also said Scott also had marijuana. We see no threatening or erratic movements, though officers can be heard shouting to drop the gun. It was also determined that the gun Mr. Scott possessed was loaded at the time of the encounter with the officers.

The narrative says Scott didn't respond to repeated commands to drop his weapon.

A second video, taken with an officer's body camera, fails to capture the shooting.

Before the release of the video, hundreds massed outside at the Charlotte police department building on Saturday afternoon chanting the name "Keith Scott".

One sign read "Stop police brutality" and another showed a picture of a bloody handprint with the phrase #AMINEXT, a social media tag about the fear of becoming a victim of police.

Mr. Scott's wife released her video from her cell which the confrontation prior to the shooting.

The city has been on edge ever since Scott's shooting death. They also have called in state troopers and the National Guard in an effort to maintain order. Forty-four people were arrested after Wednesday's protests, and one protester who was shot died at a hospital Thursday. He provided few other details about the arrest or the suspect but said that video led investigators to the shooter.

The next two nights of protests were free of property damage and violence, with organizers stressing a message of peace at the end of the week.

Charlotte is the latest US city to be shaken by protests and recriminations over the death of a black man at the hands of police, a list that includes Baltimore, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and Ferguson, Missouri. Four shots are heard, and he falls mortally wounded.