The Simpsons Meets Adventure Time in Season Premiere Couch Gag

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Classic Disney movies, '80s action, Rick and Morty (arguably the best couch gag ever), pixel art, Frozen, the game of Life, Letterman - the list of awesome couch gags goes on and on and on, and it picks back up with the above couch gag that pays tribute to the beloved Adult Swim animated series, Adventure Time.

The Simpsons have taken inspiration from cult cartoon Adventure Time for the opening credits of the first episode of its 28th season.

Hearing or watching the Adventure Time opening is one of those things that'll pretty much always fill me with happiness without fail.

For those unfamiliar with Adventure Time, the series - which recently wrapped its sixth season on Cartoon Network - follows Jake the dog and Finn the human (pictured right) as they fight to protect the magical land of Ooo. The short also features the return of a long requested guest star, the inanimate carbon rod! As executive producer Al Jean told TVLine, "That was the brain child of Mike Anderson, our supervising director". Comedian Amy Schumer voices Mr. Burns' mother in the episode, which is titled "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus".