Unarmed black pastor shot dead by US Police

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About 200 protesters gathered Tuesday evening outside the Tulsa Police Department.

Speaking Monday in Tulsa, civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump said Crutcher committed no crime and gave officers no reason to shoot him.

The late Terence Crutcher, 40 (R), and his twin sister Dr. Tiffany Crutcher (L).

At a news conference Monday, Tiffany Crutcher said it was clear to her that Terence died because of a Tulsa Police officer's "negligence and incompetency and insensitivity".

Clinton was careful to specify that there many "good honorable cool-headed" police officers, citing the ones that successfully apprehended the New York City terrorist suspect in New Jersey on Monday. Tulsa World reports that she had previously worked at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

"If we started to condemn everybody to death just because they have drugs in their system, all our neighborhoods would be empty", he said.

Investigators said Terence Crutcher, 40, was shot Friday night during a traffic stop.

On Tuesday, Tulsa police released video and audio of the Friday shooting of Terence Crutcher, a black man whose auto reportedly broke down in the middle of the road. Police spokeswoman Jeanne MacKenzie said two officers were walking down the road, on their way to another call, when Crutcher approached them.

Attorney Melvin C. Hall said that in cases in which a person is fleeing from the law, "the police can use lethal force".

Artists react to the killing of an unarmed black man at the hands of a Tulsa police officer.

The officer has been identified as Shelby's husband, Dave Shelby.

The department said he was tasered and shot, and that no weapons were found on him or in his vehicle, the Times reported. Wood additionally alleged that Shelby thought Crutcher might have been under the influence of PCP, and that he kept reaching toward his pockets, indicating to her that he might be armed.

Mr. Crutcher was shot moments later, and the helicopter camera captured footage of him sprawled on the pavement, his shirt stained with blood.

The police officer who fired the fatal shot has been placed on paid leave while the case is reviewed.

"Everybody's seeking the same thing - truth and justice", Crump said.

Betty Shelby declined to comment to The Associated Press on Tuesday and referred all calls to her attorney. In Tulsa, an unarmed man with his hands in the air.

We the People Oklahoma, a group of community activists, reiterated calls for change to Tulsa police's protocol during their own press conference.

But the promise of an investigation from the U.S. Department of Justice has done little to calm outrage over Crutcher's death on social media. United States Attorney for Northern District of Oklahoma announced yesterday that the Department of Justice has opened a civil rights investigation into the shooting, according to NPR.

But Clinton has also said that white Americans have responsibility to listen to what African-Americans are saying about police brutality. "He took off running", a woman told a 911 operator, saying that the man said his vehicle might blow up. Tulsa police say Crutcher didn't have a gun.

Solomon-Simmons insisted Crutcher did not appear belligerent on the video, which he said is subjective. Shelby didn't activate her patrol car's dashcam.

Speaking to reporters outside the Tulsa County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon, Benjamin Crump, who is representing the dead man's family, said that a streak of Crutcher's blood on the glass, visible in a still image taken from the helicopter video, proved that the vehicle window was closed when he was shot. In video from officers' dashcams and also from a helicopter, four officers are seen responding as Crutcher holds his hands up in the air and walks away from officers, toward his stalled vehicle. A pop is heard as he appears to place his hands on the vehicle and he falls a few seconds later. "We did not see Terence attacking the officers".

"I think he may have just been Tasered", an officer says over the radio.

On the night of September 16, exactly one month later, Crutcher's SUV broke down, according to his family. Another officer fires his stun gun. Crutcher's head then drops, leaving him lying completely out in the street.