Trump Calls NBC News Anchor and Fellow GOP'er Lester Holt 'A Democrat'

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But Democrats worry the first debate will give Trump a chance to show a more moderate, controlled side, while millions of people watch, possibly for the first time. You said that. I'm saying you're going to profile people that maybe look suspicious.

The CPD noted the topics will not necessarily be brought up in that order and are subject to possible changes because of news developments.

Looking ahead to September 26, the night of the first general election presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Fox News host asked the GOP nominee if he would bring up his Democratic rival's personal marital history with former president Bill Clinton.

The 90-minute debate next Monday will have six 15-minute segments, with two segments focusing on each topic, providing Trump and Clinton at least 30 minutes of debate time focused on national security.

Debate organizers are "gaming the system" with Democratic moderators who will savage him to spare themselves the kind of criticism Matt Lauer got for his moderation of NBC's Commander-in-Chief Forum, Donald Trump tells FNC's Bill O'Reilly tonight.

"I have respect for Lester. And they really hit him because I won that debate", Trump said.

"Lester's a professional, but we'll see what happens".

Given the trends and the fact that the candidates are neck-in-neck less than two months before the election day on November 8, the upcoming three presidential debates may well determine who wins the White House. I mean, I think it's unfair. The second presidential debate 2016 moderators are ABC News co-anchor Martha Raddatz and CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper.

Hofstra was not originally expected to host a debate this year.

For instance, it remains a mystery who is playing Trump in any mock debates that Clinton is holding.

While she is set to make a quick trip to Florida on Wednesday, after dipping into Pennsylvania on Monday, Clinton will devote the lion's share of her time huddling with her debate team, gaming out how she will confront Trump next Monday night at Hofstra University.

Although he was wary of the debates being "unfair" to him, he assured O'Reilly that he wouldn't sit them out like he did two primary debates in January and March. The debates will be broadcast live on C-SPAN, ABC, CBS and FOX as well.