Mod Support For Fallout 4 & Skyrim on PS4 Shut Down By Sony

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The game developer concluded that the content for "Fallout 4" and "Skyrim" on PlayStation 4 will remain unavailable, until Sony allows them to feature proper mod support. Bethesda have today confirmed that Sony will not allow Fallout 4 mods on the PS4 along with the same result for the Skyrim remaster.

Sad to say, these mods which happen to be Bethesda's open-world games structure will not be integrated to the "Fallout 4" and the upcoming "Skyrim: Special Edition" PS 4 versions.

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced two new PlayStation video game consoles, The PlayStation4 Pro and the PlayStation4. They also promised to look for new ways to make user modes available for PlayStation 4 users so that they could play the games.

While Xbox One users will be able to download and use mods, they won't be able to issue Dragon Shout voice commands using Kinect.

Another VR shown at Tokyo-based Sony's event was the "Anywhere VR", which delivers to headset wearers a relaxing scene, such as a beach or a star-studded sky, even in their living rooms, while they take care of smartphone chores in VR.

Sony has pushed out its latest software for the PlayStation 4 so you should find it waiting for you, either to download or already installed if you have updates set to do so automatically. However, the electronics corporation "will not approve user mods the way they should work", Time reported.

Mods first officially came to the PC version of Fallout 4 after the Creation Kit launch on April 26, 2016.

If PC liberty is the rule on the side of consoles it is rather an exception.

Essentially you could sum up the Shingen 4.00 update for the PlayStation 4 as the "We finally caught up to Xbox" update. But it's a choice that means if you have no interest in VR, Sony are taking your money and investing it in technology and games you'll never play.

Xbox, owned by Microsoft, has also released a new gaming console, the Xbox One S, starting at $299.