Donald Trump Talks Debate Attacks on Hillary Clinton With Bill O'Reilly

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Clinton had seen a drop in national polls this week.

It was a day off the campaign trail for Donald Trump, but hardly a day off work. In six weeks, he noted, Clinton's lead in Electoral College votes has gone from apparently "insurmountable" to a virtual dead heat.

The poll was conducted online September 12-18 among 14,326 adults who said they are registered to vote, including 13,320 likely voters. By voting for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein, they want to send a message that voters won't simply pick the least offensive candidate capable of winning office.

Monmouth's poll produced another unfavorable finding for Trump: 54 per cent of Florida voters believe the GOP nominee's recent turnabout on President Barack Obama's origins was made for political reasons. Support for the minor party candidates was unchanged.

But new poll numbers show the level of enthusiasm is not as high as the campaign may have hoped.

The network's website then discussed the issue in an article titled "Trump says 'bomb went off in New York, '" where Clinton's remarks were not mentioned until the seventh paragraph, long after contrasting statements by Trump and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The answer to that question could very well decide the 2016 presidential election.

Ahmad Rahami, a 28-year-old naturalized USA citizen from Afghanistan wanted for questioning in the bombings, was captured Monday after being wounded in a gun battle with police. Marco Rubio, the West Miami Republican seeking a second term, is in a tight race with his challenger, U.S. Rep.

Rubio now leads Murphy by 47 percent to 45 percent, with 3 percent supporting another candidate and 5% undecided. In August, his net negative was 21 points.

By a 53 percent to 38 percent margin, voters said NY is on the right track.

Trump, a Manhattan developer, has promised to win his home state, where Democratic voters outnumber Republicans 2:1.

In the wake of the Chelsea explosion, Hillary Clinton tried to project steely experience in fighting homegrown terrorism and portrayed her opponent Donald J. Trump as a gift to the Islamic State in its recruitment efforts.

But most polls now show Trump having closed Clinton's single-digit lead.

She has said Trump's rhetoric against what he calls "radical Islamic terrorism" is helping Islamic State recruit more fighters. Clinton, a Democrat, holds a 53-47 edge with women.

In the Senate race, Monmouth found skepticism, even among Republicans, about Rubio's decision to reverse course and run for re-election after losing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump also said he agreed with early reports of a possible foreign connection to the bombings. If we take Trump at his word, he wasn't being a typical businessperson saying nice things about a politician while secretly disagreeing with them on taxes or immigration policy.

RCP's "no tossups" map - which awards the votes to whoever is now leading in the polls, even if that lead is within the polls' margin of error - makes Clinton the victor with 287 votes versus 251 for Trump.