Mother Teresa's visit to Kenosha was memorable

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Mother Teresa would have been proud of this pizza party.

Pope Francis said Sunday morning that people may struggle to refer to the Albanian nun as "Saint Teresa".

Last December, Pope Francis had paved the way towards making her a saint.

According to a media report, the late Pope John Paul II had adjusted Vatican rules to allow the procedure to establish her case for sainthood to be carried out two years after her death.

In Brooklyn, congregants gathered at Our Lady of Victory in Bed-Stuy, a church Mother Teresa visited herself in 1995. "The church was full, the galleries were full, there were thousands of people on the streets outside", said Monsignor Stephen Churchwell, who was pastor at Sacred Heart back in 1995 when Mother Teresa visited.

"She asked people to give until it hurts, not the money, but everything, give love until it hurts".

He said "it'll happen" for Teresa, too.

"She is witness to mercy and holiness, and one who inspires me in my spiritual life and in my ministry of service", Gomez wrote.

"Today was Mother's Day at the Vatican", I told a group of clergy, and
international human rights activists after the ceremony.

Helicopters had earlier buzzed over the headquarters of the Roman Catholic church, testifying to the huge but relatively discreet security operation under way.

"I am honoured to have been invited, to fulfil the role as an ambassador to Kosovo, to sing at the canonisation of Mother Teresa", she wrote alongside a snap of her singing inside the Basilica. She dedicated her life helping the poor.

Mother Teresa once said: "there's something handsome in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ's Passion". "Besides, the bishop and the children released blue and white balloons and ringing of church bells also happened at 2 AM", said Father Allwyn of St. Andrews Church. She took her initial vows as a nun on May 24, 1931. They immediately helped the inert man and called an ambulance.