Apple's iOS 10 Download Was Bricking iPhones. It's Fixed Now

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The iOS keyboard has been given a similar intelligence boost, Apple said, and is now able to better understand context as you type, including showing you a snapshot of your calendar as you discuss making plans with contacts.

Shortly after the release, reports began surfacing on Twitter of users whose phones locked up when they tried to update.

Well, it might still be a good idea to wait for a few hours or to install the update from iTunes, just to be sure. It also doesn't help Apple any that among the first people to rush to download iOS 10 are the reporters and tech luminaries that can draw attention to an embarrassing issue like this.

'Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes, ' Apple explains. There is a free beta for public users starting in July and it will be a free update when it arrives this fall to current devices.

Apple has also optimized iCloud's handling of documents in each of the apps, only downloading the file when you're going to be using it. For example, you can now use the voice-controlled assistant to search for movies based on a theme like "dinosaurs".

Press and hold your device's Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously until you see the recovery mode screen.

It is not the first time Apple has had teething problems in rolling out major updates. But they may not be the emojis you're used to; they, like many aspects of the software, have been changed, with some users lamenting their similarity to Android emojis.

Repeat steps 1-3 if setup takes longer than 15 minutes.

The above fixes apply to the iPhone 5, iPad 4, and iPod touch 6 models. Some users are reporting that attempts to update via their phone alone (and not through a computer with iTunes) have rendered their phones temporarily useless (or "bricked" them).

Numerous unfortunate users received an "Error 56" message that prompted them to plug the device into iTunes, but this action nor rebooting is found to reverse the glitch.

When iOS 9 launched, users claimed that their devices were crashing and locking up.