Trump Praises Putin again, Seeks Massive Military Buildup

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This national security speech comes one day after 88 retired US general and admirals endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Trump, who has long talked about the importance of "taking the oil" in the Middle East, said: "We would leave a certain group behind and they would take the various sections where they have the oil". "I think that's fear mongering, that's demagoguery, that's scare tactics", he said.

But nothing created more outcry than his attempt to defend a 2013 comment that sexual assaults in the military happened because men and women were both permitted to serve together in the armed forces.

Trump was interviewed by Larry King for RT, Russia Today, but his campaign manager said this morning that the Republican presidential nominee "didn't know it would be on Russian TV".

Mr Trump said he felt he could get along with Mr Putin, and was glad to have received a compliment from him.

On the US intervention in Libya in 2011, Clinton rejected Trump's criticism of her support for the effort as secretary of state.

In it, Mr Trump praised Vladimir Putin for his high approval ratings and his "very strong control" over Russian Federation, comparing him favourably to Barack Obama, the USA president.

"I don't understand the reasons for it", she said.

Trump also angered many in the military community with mocking remarks against U.S. senator and former prisoner of war John McCain for being captured in Vietnam.

Most national polls show a tight race with Clinton in the lead as the US presidential race enters its home stretch with just nine weeks until the November 8 election. They immediately say, 'Oh, Trump likes Putin.' Look, I don't like or dislike.

Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, held rallies in Tampa, Fla., and Wilmington, N.C.

Hillary Clinton will also attend that event, but Trump and Clinton will not be on the stage at the same time.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a presidential candidates "Commander-in-Chief" forum, moderated by Matt Lauer aboard the decommissioned aircraft carrier "Intrepid" in New York, New York, on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

Trump, in turn, criticised the Obama administration as pursuing "the dumbest foreign policy" he had ever seen. Asked by King if he agreed with Putin's assessment, Trump declined to pass judgment.