Minnesota Vikings Acquire Sam Bradford to Replace Teddy Bridgewater

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The Vikings have moved back inside after a two-year stint at the University of Minnesota while their $1.1 billion, ship-shaped, see-through venue was being built.

On the flip side, Hue Jackson and the Browns decided that Wentz wasn't the franchise quarterback they were looking for and traded out of the pick that would've allowed him to come to Cleveland.

If Bradford, who threw for 19 touchdown passes in 2015, can produce a similar season to his performance a year ago, the Vikings will likely be in the mix to win their second consecutive NFC North title. This injury was said to be potentially career-threatening, had the Vikings' trainers not stepped in quickly, and it remains to be seen whether Bridgewater, a first-round pick in the 2014 draft and 2015 Pro Bowler, would be able to make a successful and quick recovery when he returns to the field in 2017.

With Bradford now out of Philadelphia what does this mean for his fantasy value and also what does this mean for Philadelphia's quarterback situation.

After Bridgewater went down with a gruesome injury to his left knee in practice on Tuesday, Spielman initiated a marathon evaluation session that night of other potential options around the league.

Journeyman quarterback Shaun Hill took over as the starter for the Vikings after Bridgewater was placed on injured reserve Wednesday. The 28-year-old veteran has played just two complete seasons since the St. Louis Rams took him off the board with the first pick in the 2010 draft.

"He'll be back in no time", he added. "I think a lot of Shaun". If the Vikings win the Super Bowl this season with Bradford playing at least 80 percent of their snaps, it will reportedly become a second-rounder - and would definitely be worth it.

Bradford said the first he heard about potentially being traded was when Eagles coach Doug Pederson called him after the deal had already been finalized.

The Eagles were 7-9 last season and would have been in a rebuilding mode in a division other than the diluted NFC East.

This would leapfrog Wentz from the #3 spot on the depth chart over Chase Daniel for the starting job.

Wentz has not played since suffering a hairline rib fracture in the team's first preseason game, and Philadelphia's coaching staff could choose to wait to start him until their Week 2 matchup against the Chicago Bears.

Which is nice because they've never won one and have not been to one in 40 years.

It's a shrewd piece of business by Howie Roseman and one that can pay off for the Philadelphia Eagles sooner rather than later. If the Vikings can win the Super Bowl, it will go down as one of the greatest GM decisions in the history of the NFL. "Obviously, they didn't know this was going on, but when they said that.it made us feel more comfortable to do this".

Here's an update on the status of the Philadelphia Eagles' draft picks over the next few years. After signing a new two-year, $36 million deal this offseason, he won't play another snap for the Eagles. The Eagles cut a total of 21 players and traded a 22nd, Sam Bradford, to the Minnesota Vikings.

Bradford will work with a sixth offensive coordinator in the person of Norv Turner, in seven seasons. As it turns out, the plan for Wentz has changed course drastically after Sam Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Is trading for Bradford the right move for the Vikings? "We had a 24 hour period to get this done", Spielman said.