Donald Trump campaign raises $90 million in August; over half self-contributed

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In the a year ago, USA and coalition forces have also routinely targeted the Islamic State's sources of oil revenue, and the US government has encouraged social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook to crack down on the group's ability to spread propaganda through their platforms. "She could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching", Trump said mimicking a gun with his hand, "right smack in the middle of the heart and she wouldn't be prosecuted, OK?" "If we had a relationship with Russian Federation wouldn't it be wonderful if we could work on it together and knock the hell out of ISIS?"

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump pledged to launch a new USA military buildup, saying America was under threat like never before from foes like Islamist extremists, North Korea and China.

Trump also flirted with revealing what he had been learning in classified intelligence briefings given to him by US officials because he is the Republican nominee.

"If we would have taken the oil, you wouldn't have ISIS, because ISIS formed with the power and wealth of that oil". "On August 31, the day Trump met with the President of Mexico and delivered his 10-point plan to reform immigration laws in this country, the campaign raised more than $5 million", it said. "I'm pretty good with the body language". It's their nominee. But I'm not gonna tolerate them continuing to make misleading, inaccurate accusations and putting out misinformation about me, ' she said.

Clinton said she regretted her decision as a US senator from NY to vote in favor of the 2003 Iraq war and said Trump had been in favor of it as well.

Election officials across the country are pushing back against Donald Trump's assertions that the presidential election may be rigged, arguing that too many safeguards exist against engineered results nationally or in individual states.

Clinton and Trump have clashed repeatedly over foreign policy, but their battle rose to a new level on Wednesday night when the two were separately grilled over their national security credentials. It was aimed at rebutting Clinton's arguments that she would be best positioned to lead the military and reassuring Republicans who have openly anxious that his provocative statements might undermine US alliances. "I have taken responsibility for my decision. That is a judgment issue".

Clinton said those comments and others showed Trump is ill-equipped to be president.

"What you want in a president, a commander in chief, is someone who listens, who evaluates what is being told to him or her, who is able to sort out the very hard options being presented, and then makes the decision", she said.

'So, I am not interested in giving aid and comfort to their evil ambitions, ' Clinton said in the interview, vowing to defeat the extremist group. Investigators said she was "extremely careless" but that criminal charges were not warranted. "I never met Putin", Trump said, responding to the Democratic National Committee hack and charges the Russians were trying to meddle in US elections.

While senior military service leaders will say they could always use more forces, they say that adding more troops without providing the budget to support them and ensure they are ready to fight would only make things worse.

Trump stood by a previous comment that appeared to blame military sexual assaults on men and women serving together, but added he would not seek to remove women from the military.

By virtue of a coin flip, Clinton took the stage first and quickly found herself responding at length to questions about her years in government.

"I think I'm in the best possible position to be able to understand that and prevent it".

One audience member asked Trump: "As president, what specifically would you do to support all victims of sexual assault in the military?" That's the threshold needed for him to have a spot in the first presidential debate on September 26.