Trump, Clinton rip each other over Iraq War, ISIS at military forum

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Donald Trump holds a narrow edge over rival Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, according to a new poll, although almost half of the state's voters think the Democrat will win the presidency.

"It is a game to him". This, as many advocates have pointed out, can be a problem for those reporting because sometimes the victim's assailant is his or her commander.

While Trump supporters claimed that Lauer disrespected their candidate, other viewers said the host repeatedly interrupted Clinton and never once interrupted Trump.

Trump, who's been criticized for his controversial relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin, praised Putin for being a "better leader" than President Obama. Trump says Clinton was weak as President Barack Obama's secretary of state. I was against the war in Iraq because I said it was going to totally destabilize the middle east. Reporter: That's not what trump said in an interview in 2002.

While senior military service leaders will say they could always use more forces, they say that adding more troops without providing the budget to support them and ensure they are ready to fight would only make things worse.

Clinton characterized these comments as "unpatriotic" Thursday morning.

It was a back-to-back set of interviews with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that, in the hands of a capable and incisive interviewer with a firm grasp of national security issues, might have provided us with a rigorous public examination of the two presidential candidates' qualifications to serve as the civilian commander of our armed forces. He cited his team of military advisers, but also said he has "a common sense" that will help him make decisions on foreign policy. Yeah, I guess so.

Donald Trump speaks with Matt Lauer during Wednesday night's NBC forum in New York. He said he privately has a plan for defeating the Islamic State but would not disclose the details
Trump, Clinton rip each other over Iraq War, ISIS at military forum

Asked about what critics call her hawkish foreign policy record, Clinton said: "We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again and we are not putting ground troops into Syria".

He told reporters, he is "not going to sit up here and do the tit for tat on what Donald said last night or the night before in Hillary vs. Donald".

Trump, who has never held elected office, has criticized Clinton's judgment for backing the 2003 Iraq war and her support for the US intervention in Libya in 2011.

Donald Trump has been catching some heat for his characterization of his stance on the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He also stumbled, but eventually stood by a 2013 tweet that said women serving in the military would ultimately lead to sexual assault. "What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?"

USA investigators concluded Clinton was "extremely careless" in her handling of national security materials, but that no criminal charges were warranted. Clinton, when asked about her vote to authorize the war, said: "I have said that my voting to give President Bush that authority was, from my perspective, my mistake", she said.

Clinton scoffed at Trump's claim, saying "the secret is, he has no plan". Earlier, Clinton reiterated that she regretted her vote for the Iraq War, and hit Trump on falsely saying he has opposed the war from the onset - something he again incorrectly repeated when it was his turn during the forum.

"I was just thinking about all of the presidents that would just be looking at one another in total astonishment", Clinton told reporters on Thursday morning, referring to Trump's controversial comments about US generals, Russian Federation and Middle East oil at the forum".