Note 7 explodes, setting Florida family's Jeep on fire

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WTVT in Florida reports Nathan Dornacher and his family went to a yard sale Monday morning and left a Galaxy Note 7 charging in the center console of his Jeep Grand Cherokee while they unloaded a desk they bought for their daughter.

While you may love your brand-new Galaxy Note 7, it's probably in your best interest to take advantage of Samsung's exchange or refund policy regarding the phablet.

"Following the worldwide recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Personal Electronic Device (PED), we are requesting that passengers do not charge them inflight", a spokesperson said.

When Nathan returned to the auto he saw the fire through the jeep's window and called for his wife to get the extinguisher. After leaving the device, the owner left the property to pick up his children, at which point the phone allegedly exploded.

"Not the barbecue I wanted on my day off", Dornacher wrote on Facebook, sharing photos of his vehicle on fire and the charred remnants of his cellphone. He said he didn't know about Samsung's recall. Never called back as promised.

Samsung, the world's biggest smartphone vendor, has sold 2.5 million of the premium devices so far.

Samsung Australia said its recall was "voluntary and proactive".

In February the International Civil Aviation Organization, a United Nations' agency, banned lithium-ion batteries from checked luggage following concerns from pilots and plane makers that they are a fire risk.

The Note 7's battery issues recently made the news in Australia after one local model caught fire in a hotel room, causing a reported $1,870 worth of damage.

Unfortunately, Dornacher's case is not the only instance of the Note 7 exploding or catching on fire, but hopefully it will be the last.