No help on the horizon for $14B of stranded sea cargo

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The Guardian is saying Hanjin still needs $543 million to pay for the services it needs to unload its ships, and that involves a number of other groups who want their money up-front.

The world's seventh-largest shipping company's third ship in the region, the Hanjin Boston, remains outside the breakwater.

Abnormal status refers to ships standing by on the high seas or banned from loading and unloading at ports.

Also, some of its ships have been seized by its creditors, further complicating the problem. The number is five times higher than when the association first started to receive damage reports on September 1.

Hanjin Shipping's financial report showed its debt had been around US$5 billion by the end of 2015.

Local shippers have urged the government to take practical measures against the snowballing damages. Tuesday, the shipper's parent company said it will pour $90 million into efforts to resolve the disruption.

The South Korean electronics giant is fighting to get 1,469 tons of its products off two Hanjin Shipping vessels, which are now unable to dock in Long Beach, California because Hanjin filed for bankruptcy on August 31.

Peterson said that despite Hanjin's bankruptcy, "TTI is current in all of its payments to us". The vessels will have no means to berth (as the tugs and tug operators will not service them) and no ability to unload (as the unions and port operators will not serve them).

Last week, South Korea's maritime ministry claimed that the consequences of Hanjin Shipping's collapse would affect cargo exports for two or three months, with about 540,000 TEU of cargo already loaded on its vessels and facing delays.

Hanjin Shipping is seeking protection from creditors in dozens of countries, hoping to minimize seizures of its assets.

Freight charges from South Korea surged about 50 percent after Hanjin Shipping filed for court receivership on Wednesday, Korea Economic Daily reported, citing shipping industry officials it didn't identify.

The judge's order doesn't guarantee that the ships' cargo - which includes children's toys, tires, clothes, and computers - will make it to shore and onto store shelves soon.

Hanjin Shipping has sought the legal protection of its assets in 43 countries, with Japan granting it first on Tuesday.

According to Bloomberg, there are 312 containers aboard Hanjin ships carrying Samsung's refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and dishwashers.

The representative office of Hanjin Shipping in Vietnam announced the container carrier had stopped taking new cargo in this market, leaving a possible impact on import and export goods of enterprises.

"They've got bills to pay - they could literally close their doors over this", said Peter Schneider, Fresno-based vice president of T.G.S. Transportation Inc.