Michel Temer is new president of Brazil

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Some were waving Brazilian flags, while followers of Dilma Rousseff stood stone-faced.

Want IT and acquisition news? It's not clear whether anyone was injured in the clashes. A group of demonstrators smashed the windows of several companies and a police van in the centre of São Paulo. One trader said, Brazil was indeed going through a hard time, but expected improvements as soon as the new presidency was in place.

"The EU looks forward to work together with the new Brazilian government to further strengthen EU-Brazil relations and our Strategic Partnership", the source said.

"I am not saying it is an easy task, since we have nearly 12 million people unemployed in this country", he said, according to a CNN translation.

Nonsense, Rousseff countered time and again, proclaiming her innocence up to the end.

"There's no cause for joy - and no cause for grief, // For the waters of history are roiling", Rousseff said, quoting the pioneer of Russian Futurism. "It's you who is breaking the constitution". "Uncertainty has ended", Temer said in the speech broadcast after his departure for a G20 summit in China. "We have to show that there is hope in the country".

Dilma Rousseff vowed to return as she spoke to supporters outside the presidential residence after yesterday's decision.

Temer was sworn in few hours later.

A recorded address to the nation was expected to be released later.

Conservative Michel Temer, the former vice president, has been running the country since Rousseff was suspended in May.

"The Venezuelan Government has no moral standing to talk about democracy, since they don't have a democratic regime", he said.

While Rousseff argued that moving money between budgets was common practice among previous Brazilian presidents, critics said that she plugged deficit holes in popular social programs in order to improve her chances of being re-elected for a second term in October 2014.

Dilma Rousseff is the first female president in Brazil.

Rousseff was defiant after being ousted: "They think they've defeated us, but they're wrong".

Temer, who is of Lebanese origin, shrugged off her claims that he had led a "coup" to seize power from her Workers' Party government.

Many lawmakers and Brazilians nationwide, meanwhile, blamed Rousseff for the graft even though she has never been personally implicated.

"This is an attack against the popular, progressive, leftist movement".

Brazil's government says its economy continues to shrink, posting its ninth consecutive quarterly contraction.

Rousseff is accused of mishandling Brazil's budget and misrepresenting the state of the economy. Rousseff was not present in the Senate for the vote.

It will take a while to cleanse Latin America of this chronic corruption. However, that vote failed to make it, meaning theoretically, she could still return to the country's politics if she is interested.

In a surprise move, however, the chamber voted against barring Rousseff from holding public office for eight years. However, the Supreme Court, in its trial in 2012, convicted 25 politicians, bankers and businessmen, some of whom were top members of the Workers' Party. She is the 36th President of Brazil and the first woman in this position. He's scheduled to present a summary of the six-day trial before voting begins.