How Teddy Bridgewater might end up helping the Browns after all

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Teams hold on to draft picks like they are winning lottery tickets.

Bradford will replace Teddy Bridgewater, who suffered a bad knee injury earlier in the week.

As it turns out, the plan for Wentz has changed course drastically after Sam Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Spielman said he gathered the Vikings' staff on Tuesday night - just hours after Bridgewater's knee injury - and began searching for another quarterback. The Vikings are reportedly shipping their 2017 1st and 4th-round draft picks to the Eagles in exchange for the 28-year old signal-caller. But is Sam Bradford the answer for Minnesota, even on a temporary basis?

Journeyman quarterback Shaun Hill took over as the starter for the Vikings after Bridgewater was placed on injured reserve Wednesday. If the Eagles do choose to start Wentz, they could get a rising superstar or a rookie that needs just a little more time.

The Vikings have moved back inside after a two-year stint at the University of Minnesota while their $1.1 billion, ship-shaped, see-through venue was being built.

The Eagles were 7-9 last season and would've been in rebuilding mode in a division other than the weak NFC East.

2, Philadelphia Eagles rookie Carson Wentz was expected to sit out for the bulk of the season.

The move to acquire Bradford, and the price paid, indicates the Vikings were not comfortable with backup quarterback Shaun Hill as their top option.

In addition, Wentz missed the Eagles' last three preseason games after fracturing two ribs.

Roseman also said that though the trade was directed toward improve the Eagles in the long term, he believes they can still contend in 2016 thanks to a strong core of veterans.

Which is nice because they've never won one and have not been to one in 40 years.

It's a shrewd piece of business by Howie Roseman and one that can pay off for the Philadelphia Eagles sooner rather than later.

Fittingly, the Browns and Eagles open the season against each other, and if the Browns win, they'll only be helping themselves.

He was acquired during the 2015 offseason by the Eagles and immediately notched team records in completions (346) and completion percentage (65 percent) and finished fourth in team history in passing yardage (3,725).

Wentz is the first quarterback from North Dakota State selected in the draft.

Bradford now will be playing for Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner in a system that is familiar to Bradford from when he was with the Rams under OC Brian Schottenheimer.

Bradford played with St. Louis from 2010-14 before spending last season with the Eagles. "People think that you are desperate, and we are not going to do something that in my estimation, and talking with Coach Zim (Mike Zimmer) and our ownership, that puts us in a situation where we jeopardize the future of this franchise".

Bradford has played a full 16-game season only twice in six years. As such, Bradford will serve as a temporary fill-in for at least a season for the more dynamic Bridgewater, and if it's any consolation, he is, once again, a big upgrade over Hill.

At least one National Football League analyst believes that the Eagles gave up a franchise quarterback in the trade.