Hands on with the new Apple devices

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Pricing for the iPhone 7 starts at $649 for a 32 GB model, while pricing for the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $749 for the 32 GB model.

Now to be fair, the iPhone 7 comes with an adaptor that you can plug into the lightning port of the phone, so you will be able to listen to your, shock horror, wire-connected headphones.

The iPhone 7 is available in two shades of black.

The iPhone 7 headset jack is gone, daddy, gone.

The iPhone 7's all-metal finish is likely to offer better grip quality compared to Samsung Galaxy S7, which has a glossy glass back. The iPhone 7 includes a single 12 megapixel rear camera with digital zoom up to 5x, while the iPhone 7 Plus uses dual 12 megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras with optical zoom at 2x and digital zoom up to 10x.

You'll be pleased to hear that Apple confirmed the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will have the best batteries on any iPhone to date (although most of us will still nearly certainly blitz it to death in a matter of months) and for the first time we'll be getting stereo speakers.

Starting at $369, the "Apple Watch Series 2" will be water resistant to 50 metres and the speaker will literally repel the water like a piston.

Pre-orders for "Series 2" will open on September 9 and the shipment will start from September 16. AirPods require Apple devices running iOS 10, watchOS 3 or macOS Sierra.

"If you've used a GPS Watch before, you know that sometimes it can take a while to connect to satellites".

It looks and feels just like the first Apple Watch, except it's just under 1-mm thicker. Apple also confirmed prices for the new accessories. And, these standalone left/right AirPods ($159/£159/AU$229) only play music when they detect that they're in your ear. The standard earphones would be replaced by the company's first wireless earbuds, dubbed Air Pods, which were showcased at the event.

"At last Apple Watch is something I can use as a runner", Ian Bignell (@eyan_b) wrote on Twitter.

"Selling in just eight months of 2015, we became the second most popular watch brand [behind Rolex]", Williams said earlier. In addition, the dual-camera capability found only on the iPhone 7 Plus supports a new depth-of-field effect that captures subject matter in the foreground in detail, while the background is blurred out. It's also seen a drop in demand for the Apple Watch since its introduction previous year.

While Costello said Apple Watch has been a big success for Apple - noting Apple Watch is the top-selling smart watch and CEO Tim Cook said it is also the #2 watch in the world in terms of revenue, behind only Rolex, which is no small feat for a new market in 18 months - he added the issue is that the smart watch market is much smaller than the fitness tracker market, which is what Apple needs to crack now. If they live up to Apple's claims, they're a technological marvel, tiny and expensive.

While the company sold almost 92 million iPhones in the first six months of this year, that's about 15 percent fewer than the same period last year.