Donald Trump Faces Criticism Over Campaign Contributions To Florida AG

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And the campaign says Donald Trump paid the IRS fine. I got to give to them. "You know, he has not tried to hide the fact that has occurred". When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me.

Donald Trump has demanded that Hillary Clinton be investigated, tried and convicted of bribery in connection with meetings she held as secretary of state with those who gave to her foundation.

On Sept. 17, 2013, Bondi's efforts paid off when the Trump Foundation made a $25,000 campaign contribution to a political action committee created to aid in Bondi's re-election. Trump said the individual misidentified the pro-Bondi group And Justice For All as a charity with a similar name and processed the donation through his charitable organization rather than from Trump's personal account.

In recent years, Trump has made tens of thousands of dollars in contributions to at least four state attorneys general - Bondi of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas, both Republicans, and Democrats Eric Schneiderman of NY and Kamala Harris of California - whose offices have looked into complaints about Trump University. NY accused the so-called university of bilking students who had signed up to learn the billionaire's money-making secrets.

"He uses his foundation's money to pay off your attorney general", Bill Clinton said. He also called Schneiderman a "lightweight hack" and "the dumbest attorney general in the United States". But the stream of contributions so soon after Bondi made a decision to overlook a Trump scandal that resulted in multiple class action lawsuits certainly raises eyebrows.

When a NY state commission investigated contributions to state and local officials in the 1980s, it subpoenaed Trump, who had contributed $150,000 to candidates in 1985. The donation came only days after Bondi's office said it was reviewing allegations against Trump University.

"I was under the impression I was getting my money back", Trump told the ethics commission at the time, according to a New York Times report.

"I've just known Pam Bondi for years".

Correction: The original post said that Trump allowed Bondi to host her fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago free of charge. Trump's claim that "I never even spoke to [Bondi] about it at all" is irrelevant; his check spoke for him.

Bondi's office ultimately declined to join New York's lawsuit. No other states sued the now-shuttered university. That's certainly what her Democratic opponent said. "Many turned that down". A Trump Organization spokesman told the Post the candidate reimbursed the foundation for the money.

And it turns out that there is one candidate who was so metaphysically flawless, so personally close to him, that Trump tells us his (illegal) contribution to her was not created to make sure she'd be "there" for him. Please see our terms of service for more information.

Trump and his surrogates have largely dismissed the scandal, arguing that corruption at the Clinton Foundation is the more pertinent story.

Now we have the Trump Foundation. NPR's Scott Horsley explains.

DONALD TRUMP: I give to everybody. "They are there for me", he bragged during the first presidential debate. They are there for me. "So when someone who doesn't know the first thing about philanthropy tries to bring the Clinton Foundation into his political sideshow, President Clinton is going to stand up for it". And then it looks like there's a problem in terms of giving false information to the IRS.

In September of that year, her office announced that it was considering joining a lawsuit being brought against Trump University by NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman.

Florida didn't join the lawsuit, which was filed by New York's attorney general.

Six months earlier, Bondi personally asked the real estate mogul for a campaign contribution around the same time that her office announced it was considering joining a multi-state lawsuit against the school.

Campaigning in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton demanded details of the conversation in which Bondi solicited Trump's donation. Bondi is a "fine person, beyond reproach".

A September 14 Orlando Sentinel story noted that Schneiderman cited dozens of complaints filed with the Florida Attorney General Office in 2008, two years before Bondi took office. Trump spends much of his time in Florida, he's owned Mar-a-Lago since 1985, and there could be plenty of reasons why a man in his position would want to curry favor with local politicians.