Apple will keep first-weekend sales for iPhone 7 secret

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Meanwhile, taking a quick look at the features of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the phones are not drastically different in terms of design and display but then, there are those unbelievable tweaks Apple does that manage to win our hearts and set these phones apart. More likely is that the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone - and increasingly, on Android phones as well - will lead to an uptick in sales of Bluetooth headphones.

The lens of the wide-angle camera has a wider aperture than before: it's now f/1.8, which is brighter than the f/2.2 lens on the iPhone 6S Plus. "Apple to some extent is struggling to hang on as a product innovation leader".

The iPhone 7 will retail for £599 and the iPhone 7 Plus for £719.

T-Mobile is also offering the iPhone 7 models on the no-interest 24 month payment plan and on its Jump On Demand installment plan.

Both iPhones have a similar 7MP Facetime camera, which is bumped up from 5MP on the iPhone 6S. "At the moment, the Indian festival season is on Apple's mind, hence the decision to make iPhone 7 and 7 Plus available for the consumers a bit early", noted Vishal Tripathi, research director at global market consultancy firm Gartner.

One of the most interesting updates is the iPhone 7 Plus's new dual-camera setup. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices now won't be available in 16GB and 64GB storage versions and instead will come in 32GB and 128GB variants.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in more than 25 countries beginning September 16 and the products will be "available to customers in India beginning October 7".

New cameras: The 12-megapixel rear-facing camera will now have four LEDs in the flash, meaning 50 percent more light comes out when you take a photo. But the rating implies it can take more than a splash, Apple is just stopping short of advertising it (so far). However, now that iPhone sales have been on the decline for two consecutive quarters, perhaps Apple is really concerned about dwindling sales.

The rumours were true. Calling it ancient technology, the tech giant looks to usher in new ways to listen to audio. The fact is, once you go totally wireless, it's hard to go back to wires, and with Apple's backing behind this new type of headphone - and a $159 price tag that's not too outrageous - you may soon be looking at a lot people wearing the same white earbuds but with no wires between them. To that effect, the company has announced that it will bundle Lightning EarPods within the box.

Apple "AirPods" wireless ear pieces and adaptors to plug wired headsets into Lightning ports will come with iPhone 7 models, Schiller said.

No one's saying that Apple is wrong about wireless being the future. They're already set up, allowing users to pop them in their ears to start taking calls or enjoying music. You can even access Siri on it with a simple double tap.

Apple said AirPods, which can be synced with various Apple devices, will eliminate the hassles of normal headphones and its "advanced sensors know when you are listening and automatically play and pause your music".