Medics treat Ohio middle schoolers who ate extra-hot peppers

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students-who-ate-ghost-peppers-being-t/nsQpJ/" target="_blank">The Dayton Daily News reports emergency crews went to Milton-Union Middle School in OH at lunchtime on Friday after students ingested suspected ghost peppers.

Five US children were reportedly hospitalised after eating suspected ghost peppers at school. As per the police, all involved students ingested the peppers voluntarily they weren't forced to do the same.

Of the worst-affected pupils, five were taken to hospital and 40 were given treatment.

Emergency services were called after students suffered allergic reactions and started displaying symptoms including "blotchy skin, hives, tearing of eyes, sweating and general discomfort".

Ritchey said the school made a decision to call emergency medical services when it became apparent there were many students who were involved and needed to be assessed by medical personnel.

Eighth-grader Cody Schmidt said he tried a pepper provided by a student he didn't know, then got anxious when others nearby had physical reactions to the peppers. "We all drank like 10 cartons of milk", Schmidt said.

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Ghost pepper incident a 'disruption' at Milton Union school

School staff have identified the student who distributed the peppers and are now looking into whether to pursue disciplinary action. A jalapeno pepper ranges just between 1,000 and 20,000 Scoville units.

The Bhut Jolokia pepper has a Scoville rating of over one million units - compared to the 8,000 held by Tabasco sauce. Since 2013, the world's hottest chilli has been the Carolina Reaper, which measures 1.57 million Scoville units.

"We are not sure how many students were involved in bringing the food items to school". It happened during the school lunch break.

The hot pepper challenge was reignited recently by two girls in New Jersey who posted a video of themselves in agony after trying to eat a Carolina Reaper.

The fire-breathing craze previously emerged a few years back with a number of chili daredevils posting videos online of them tackling the hot stuff.