Jackass star Steve-O breaks BOTH feet while performing stunt

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The "Jackass" star was attempting a stunt in which he stood on top of a wooden structure that a vehicle plowed through and while his first two attempts went well, a third try left him with a number of broken bones.

Steve-O broke both of his legs in a skateboarding accident.

Another skating legend, Tony Hawk, was on hand to film the weird stunt, which left Steve-O writhing on the ground in agony after dislocating his right ankle and smashing it in three places.

The stunt started with Steve-O standing with a skateboard atop a wooden porta potty.

A red vehicle suddenly comes into shot and rams through the wooden structure at high speed, leaving Steve-O up in the air.

The judge, who dismissed three other charges against the star, also banned him from owning fireworks and ruled he must secure a permit before performing any more stunts.

TV prankster Steve-O is nursing a broken ankle after failing to pull off an elaborate skateboarding stunt.

Steve-O is now only using Tylenol and Advil for his pain, as he is a recovering addict.

The actor posted a Snapchat video after the incident showing both his feet heavily wrapped in bandages as he got around in a wheelchair.

Steve-O's last role was in the widely panned indie action comedy Barely Lethal starring Hailee Steinfeld and Jessica Alba that was released on-demand in 2015.