Suburban NY search uncovers heroin in truck axle

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Law enforcers say a search conducted in suburban Croton- (KROH'-tuhn) on-Hudson, New York, has uncovered 65 pounds of heroin in a truck axle.

Brennan said investigators believe the men were gong to sell the drugs for up to $2.3 million to dealers in the city, Long Island and across the Northeast. The two men were arrested on Tuesday outside a home on Sassi Drive in Croton-on-Hudson, where investigators say they had recently rented the house for the sole goal of using it as a location to park a tractor trailer and to stash drugs.

DEA officials say an investigation determined Ayala and Quiles were smuggling heroin from Mexico in a truck axle. Quiles allegedly received tractor trailer shipments of narcotics from a Mexican-based organization.

And on Tuesday, the pair spoke to a truck driver on the phone, directing him to the Croton-on-Hudson stash house.

Ayala tried to make a getaway in his vehicle, but investigators stopped him, officials said.

Quiles was arrested near the trailer.

The pair were busted near the home, which investigators said was empty except for a narcotics ledger book, tools, a scale and packaging materials.

Quiles, 47, of Fort Worth, Texas, and Ayala, 33, of Greenwich, Connecticut, were arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday night on charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first degree and ordered held without bail.