Newt Gingrich: There's No Good Reason to Keep the Clinton Foundation Open

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On the subject of the Clinton Foundation and newly disclosed State Department emails, let us first dispense with Donald Trump's unhinged calls for a special prosecutor to investigate what he terms a corrupt "pay for play" arrangement.

Yet there is an undeniable appearance of, a real or potential, conflict of interest.

At a stop at Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta before a fundraiser, the former president sought to downplay an Associated Press report that found more than half the people outside the government who met with his wife at the State Department gave money to the foundation.

The only way to eliminate the odor surrounding the foundation is to wind it down and put it in mothballs, starting today, and transfer its important charitable work to another large American charity such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. "Then don't", Band replied, and that seems to have been the end of the matter. He was again alone on the political stage - with Clinton out of the public eye at big money fundraisers.

Bill Clinton's visit came ahead of a fundraiser at a north Atlanta home that features Atlanta artist Usher.

That is a far cry from the early days of the GOP primaries, when Trump vowed to use a "deportation force" to round up and deport the millions of people living in the country illegally, and appears to be far more in line with the more moderate plans that Trump criticized when they were floated by his Republican primary rivals.

Yet she was the secretary of state, not an elected official.

Yet the independent and left leaning media such as The New York Times and Washington Post (neither a friend of Trump's), have raised legitimate enquiries on the Clintons' modus operandi. Trump leads among males 46 percent to 36 percent, but trails Clinton among women 45 percent to 41 percent. And the complex plan for allowing donations from US citizens and permanent residents, keeping some parts of the Clinton Foundation alive, and maintaining scores of Clinton-family allies on the payroll is less an opportunity for a clean slate than a guarantee of new controversy.

Last week, former Pennsylvania Governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Rendell said that "I definitely think if she wins the presidency they have to disband it".

Judicial Watch, a conservative nonprofit group, sued for Clinton's emails and released another batch Monday.

BEPI director Monica Escaleras said that the relative closeness of the race for the Hispanic vote is probably due to Florida's Cuban population, noting in a communique that "The support that (Trump) enjoys among Florida Latinos is helping him remain competitive". "If it were any other Republican, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, or even Ted Cruz, they'd be able to take advantage of this controversy more effectively".

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