Kevin Gausman Launches Online Fundraiser For Louisiana Flood Victims

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Gausman is a Colorado native, but he and his fiancée bought a house in Baton Rouge two years ago.

Obama was criticized last week for not cutting short his New England vacation to go to Louisiana.

It was a trip many people there say was long overdue - and some even suggest Donald Trump's visit there last week pushed the president to make the trip.

The White House on Monday defended the president's decision not to visit the state sooner, saying Obama was more focused on the federal response to the crisis than securing photo opportunities. "This is, how do you make sure a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, people still are getting the help that they need", Obama said.

Because of this Brown said Trump gained a political advantage by visiting the state ahead of Obama.

Dupuy said building inspectors will review homes and businesses that sustained serious damage and decide if they meet the city's elevation requirements.

Current players, too, are helping. "Trump was over here, but he wasn't", she said.

Others welcomed Obama and the spotlight he brought.

"I was actually surprised to see how happy they were to see me", she says, laughing. Therefore, we have created this site so that everyone can donate directly to help those employees who suffered losses from the flood. "I don't know if it's a human thing or a Louisiana thing or all of the above, but right now, it's really powerful to see".

Now a president eying the end of his second term, Obama was neither emotional nor particularly defensive in relaying his message to residents.

Over $127 million in federal aid have been dedicated to relief efforts like temporary housing and home repairs, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. At least 40 state highways remained closed. But the reality is that about 130,000 Louisianians have experienced flooding this year, and they need help now. David Vitter and Bill Cassidy, U.S. Reps.

In a letter to Obama, Edwards asked the president to reduce Louisiana's share of the response costs from 25 percent to 10 percent, to fully cover the Louisiana National Guard's response costs and to seek disaster block grant aid for the state from Congress.

He played college ball at Louisiana State University and calls Baton Rouge home in the offseason.

Edwards had said Obama was better off timing his visit until after the cleanup was underway, so as not to pull resources away from the effort.

Besides meeting with victims, Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence also met with local leaders, first responders and relief groups, and Mr. Trump donated $100,000 donation to Greenwell Springs Baptist Church.

The president also met with the families of three police officers who were killed and three others who were injured in an ambush relate dot that original showing some 12 days later.

The good news is that local officials have waived all fees on permits issued for flood-related damages, but permits are still mandatory because the local government might not allow some of the 20,000 damaged structures in East Baton Rouge Parish to be rebuilt.