Katie Waissel Breaks Her Silence On Biggins' Removal From The CBB House

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We saw Katie left fuming and demanding to leave for seemingly no real reason but it turns out that the build up to it all was never aired.

The former Page 3 model was given the boot last night along with X Factor star Katie Waissel.

She was evicted from CBB on Tuesday night alongside Sam Fox, narrowly missing a place in this Friday night's finale.

It's been a series full of Stephen Bear, toilet sex, massive peens flapping about, Stephen Bear, horrid cocktails and Stephen Bear, but by far the biggest shocker was Christopher Biggins' removal from the house.

He was tipped to win before he entered the house, but quickly became mega controversial after he made some ridiculous biphobic comments.

And you'll also probably remember that one of these comments was aimed in the direction of Katie Waissel, who comes from a Jewish family.

The alleged Nazi joke even provoked Waissel's mother to call for a police enquiry, telling the Daily Mirror: "He was a national treasure but now he's not fit for TV. he should be banned". "They survived, but what went on there is incomprehensible".

We are still really wondering who that was... "I was concerned that something happened with his family". Either that or he was just in it for a week to have a good time for a week?...

Ruth Langsford asked what the house had been told about his removal, to which Katie replied, "Nothing, they just said that he'd gone".

"Yeah, I've got my reading to do", she said.

We hope someone's brought her up to speed by now.

We can't imagine how shocked she must be to discover the truth.