Gov. Snyder seeks to undo court order in Flint water probe

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According to the governor's office, the order states that the DHHS and the State Department of Environmental Quality can not interact with the Genesee County Health Department or McLaren Hospital on anything relating to Flint and the recovery form the water crisis that is underway.

Genesee County health officials insist a court order restricting communication with state health officials is not preventing them from investigating cases of Legionnaires Disease. According to Andrea Bitely, spokesperson of the attorney general's office, investigators are trying to protect health data related to lead poisoning and Legionnaires' disease, and that the order doesn't prevent state departments from doing their job. As a result, a protective coating inside pipes broke down, releasing lead from old pipes and fixtures, contaminating the water.

"This needs to be sorted out in the courts, but I'm concerned about the time that can take". "The people of MI deserve transparency in their government and their healthcare system".

Genesee County health department director Mark Valacak says the court order adds another layer of work.