Conrad Hilton Sued Vomit-Covered Head-On Car Wreck

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Conrad Hilton is in trouble with the law once again. The complainant, Kelly Auld said the young man was driving erratically and overflowed so frequently on the white lines, until it starts to accelerate to overtake a auto between them and emboutisse his vehicle.

In the court docs, the driver says the 22-year-old began to speed up, hit another auto, and ultimately smashed into her own.

Auld saw Hilton "in the driver's seat with his hands held above his head and a dazed look on his face", before swerving into her vehicle. In addition, Auld says witnesses saw the troubled socialite also throw a bong, a device generally used for smoking cannabis or tobacco, out his window, and alleges Conrad was also covered in his own vomit when he exited his SUV.

Kelly claims in her suit that Conrad had been banned from driving after entering a court-appointed drug treatment program previous year.

The accident is said to have taken place a day after Hilton struck a plea deal for his involvement in a 100mph crash near Palm Springs in August 2014.

"He had pled guilty to a felony charge of reckless evading of a police officer - a charge that stemmed from his outrageous conduct of driving more than 100 miles per hour on the freeway and crashing his vehicle into the center median".

Hilton was released from prison earlier this month after being sentenced in June to two months behind bars for parole violations.