McDonald's recalls millions of Happy Meals fitness bands

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About 29 million Happy Meal and Mighty Meal McDonald's toys are being recalled in the USA and Canada after reports of burns and blisters.

After appearing in Happy Meals for only a short time, McDonald's began receiving reports that the wristband of the Step-It health tracker was giving children skin irritations, according to USA Today.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says it has received 70 complaints about a toy distributed to kids by IL based McDonald's. One was an activity counter which was blue, orange or green and featured a digital screen that tracks a child's steps or other movement.

According to McDonald's, about 33 million Chinese-made wristbands had been manufactured for the North American market, though due to restaurant's decision to stop distributing to customers on August 17, numerous gadgets weren't distributed to customers.

Earlier this year, reported on a recall of several styles of hoverboards which potentially could cause fire or explode.

In an official statement, McDonald's said: "We are voluntarily removing the Step It!"

"This is a large recall", said Patty Davis, a spokeswoman with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is working with McDonald's on the recall.

The McDonald's fitness tracker made headlines and drummed up a lot of attention for the Happy Meals.

McDonald's gives away activity tracker with their happy meals.

Recently, McDonald's had chose to stop selling the children's fitness tracker initially, but now 32.6 million of the Happy Meal toys are being recalled. It's the general opinion that McDonald's isn't exactly the best role model when it comes to physical fitness. The recent replacement of Happy Meal toys with fitness trackers is evident that parents are not very happy.

But the team also finds weaknesses including unimpressive growth in net income, weak operating cash flow and generally higher debt management risk.

Garrison said there could be a mixed message, of sorts.

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