Trump Leads Clinton in L.A. Times Poll - for Today, at Least

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Donald Trump is on the clock. "He didn't have to say anything - we're there", said Monty, a former "bundler" for the presidential campaign of former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Donald Trump is like a parasite that has been injected into the Republican Party and his candidacy could damage the party's ability to win elections for the foreseeable future, a United States pollster and Republican political strategist has said. The joint committees can use higher contribution limits; contributions are distributed among the campaign and national and state Democratic committees. "The Democrats have something that the Republicans don't: They have a nominee that's built a real campaign organization".

Earlier on Friday, Mr. Trump announced that Paul Manafort, a seasoned political operative who led his campaign for the past three months, had stepped down. Clinton has been running general election ads for months.

And right now, Clinton is far ahead of Trump, leading 58% to 35% with women voters.

Only in the past week did Trump place his first round of general election advertising - almost $5 million for TV commercials in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Meanwhile, Clinton has a huge support base among African-American voters, going back to her time in the White House as the first lady. For now, Trump finds himself behind Clinton in preference polls in almost every battleground state.

Some Trump's consultants are also well-paid. "They will be on the attack".

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump promoted pollster Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager and hired conservative media executive Stephen Bannon as his campaign's CEO.

Attempts to hack into Republican political organisations over an extended period were reported in intelligence bulletins circulated by U.S. agencies, four sources said.

But perhaps more significantly, Trump's appeals to minority voters came amid a major campaign shake-up and poll numbers that show the NY real estate mogul struggling in key battleground states, including some, like Pennsylvania and OH, where much of his white working-class core lives.

Democratic mega-donors, including George Soros and Tom Steyer, are putting millions of dollars into efforts to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Trump said his only interest is the American people.

In a recent interview, Trump referred to himself as "the king of debt", words that have been used against him in the campaign trail.

Trump soon began touting them at his rallies and even bringing them on stage with him a few times, cementing their celebrity status. "He's the bulldozer candidate".

A Trump Administration, he said, will end the Obama-Clinton "war on the American worker"."We will unleash an energy revolution the likes of which we have never seen before", he said.

That approach was evident Friday.

Trump's visit to southern Louisiana put pressure on Clinton.

He said his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, "would rather provide a job to a refugee" than to unemployed black youths, "who have become refugees in their own country".

While white voters make up the overwhelming majority of Trump's supporters, the GOP nominee will take his message to a majority-black community this week. Within hours of his speech, she tweeted: "This is so ignorant it's staggering".