Surface Pro 3 battery issue fix coming soon says Microsoft

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However, Microsoft denied these claims by saying that the issues with battery in Surface Pro 3 can be solved with a software fix.

The International Business Times also noted how some owners actually made a decision to buy new "Surface Pro 3" units instead of waiting for a fix or just paying the replacement fee. As we reported at the time, Microsoft's Panos Panay said that the SP3's battery should hold up to weekday charges over the course of four-and-a-half years, at which point the battery would be expected to have about 80% of its capacity remaining. As soon as Microsoft finishes internal testes, it should start pushing the update all affected Surface Pro 3 devices.

Revealing that Microsoft has found a solution to the Surface Pro 3 battery problem, a Microsoft representative has said on the company's online support forums that the company will soon be rolling out a software update to fix the battery issue. It to be noted that this is just a rumor and the software giant is yet to confirm the news. However, the rep admitted that the update is still in the process of testing and will only be published once it passes quality assurance.

Microsoft's most recent addition to its detachable laptop/tablet lineup has had battery problems since release.

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Microsoft also advised Surface Pro 3 owners should not consider returning their devices, as the software update should address the issue when it is released.

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Some Surface Pro 3 owners are still anxious about the race against the clock that is taking place here. Hopefully Microsoft does the right thing here and makes everyone whole so that they can enjoy their Surface Pro 3 without having a bad taste in their mouth.