Simone Biles leads Team USA at rainy Olympics Closing Ceremony

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The young women have a lot to celebrate as they leave Rio as one of the most successful gymnastic teams in Olympics history. Nine months later, the world was presented a gift. Biles may be 4-9, but her strength could rival any of the athletes here at the Olympics.

Influenced by his spirit and two decades after the 1996 Games, Biles was among a host of Team USA Olympians to pay tribute to Ali. His wordplay is among the most quoted.

Simone Biles knows this firsthand after carrying the American flag during the Rio finale Sunday night.

Much like Ali, gifted gymnast is the greatest of all time. "Because Michael Phelps is so much taller and he seemed to carry it so easily and I'm very short so I'm a little anxious about that part but I think they'll guide me through it". Aptly referenced by her retiring coach coach Marta Karolyi, Biles is "a force of nature".

"Alright - if there was any doubt in your mind that a 4'9" gymnast from the United States owned the 2016 Olympics, you can safely put that doubt to rest. She won five medals this Olympics, four golds and a bronze, in the process redefining what many believed possible in the sport of gymnastics.

With the closing ceremonies brings a big honor for gold medalist Simone Biles, as she'll be bearing the US flag.