Scientists discover oldest known living tree in Europe

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Adonis is about thousand years younger that the oldest living tree in the world, which is a bristlecone pine in California's White Mountains. Adonis sits in a scraggly region only trafficked by sheepherders and hikers en route to more exciting destinations, but it's still just a few miles from areas that have been inhabited for thousands of years.

Global researchers from Germany's the University of Mainz, Sweden's Stockholm University and the University of Arizona in the U.S, dubbed the oldest living thing as "Adonis", which is the Greek god of beauty and desire because it is still glowing with ageless beauty. To do this, they had to take a core of wood, starting from the outside to the center.

And now a Bosnian Pine tree named Adonis has been named as Europe's oldest tree after growing for more than 1,075 years.

Swedish dendrochronologist Paul J. Krusic led the project.

To confirm the age of the pine tree, the team of experts extracted small samples beneath the tree bark and counted the rings.

It's a Bosnian pine, and scientists used a process called dendrochronology to measure its age. This means that Adonis is definitely older, but the researchers just reported the real ring number, according to a report by The Washington Post.

This grouping of ancient trees are part of a forest high in the Pindos mountains. The cores are only about 5 millimeters (around 0.2 inches) in diameter so Adonis was not endangered when the scientists conducted their study.The researchers then counted the growth rings and then compared nearby trees to one another to identify anomalies. He was using tree dating to gather information on the history of climate change and other environmental factors when he came across a patch of contorted trees in the Grecian forest.

This tree has, itself, lived through more than a thousand years of history.

"That has a story in it. A story about climate change, about human influences", Krusic said.

What makes Adonis a special old tree? For instance, Old Tjikko is a spruce tree that is known as being the oldest in the world at more than 9,000 years old. But those trees are clonal, reproducing asexually over and over again throughout history.

And while this particular tree is hogging a lot of the media spotlight, Krusic told WaPo it's surrounded by other trees that all hover in age around 1,000 years old. It is quite unique because it does not rely on a mother plant or the ability to split or clone itself, to survive. "It can not rely on a mother plant, or the ability to split or clone itself, to survive".

1941 - Adonis is a millennium old.

The oldest living organism in Europe now has a name to befit its age.