Pokemon Go Fan Base Dips, Continues to Top Fan-Favorite Games

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Getting a permaban in Pokemon Go is really frustrating considering the fact that you won't be able to play the game from your current account and all of your progress will be lost. And this exploration leads them to many of Nintendo's Pokemon games such as Pokemon X and Y, Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Rumble World, Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Black & White and many more.

Pokemon GO had been a world phenomenon, with millions of users in the whole world. Niantic labs will soon discover this mega bot and it won't be long until they try and take down the bot program soon.

At its peak of less than 40 million weekly average users, or the number of players who play the game at least once a week, in the U.S.in July has dwindled to just more than 30 million, equivalent to a 22.7 percent decline.

"Pokemon Go" has been the most downloaded mobile app in the past month and it is being enjoyed by millions of players from different countries at present time.

Well, do not worry as we have the answers to all of the four Pokemon types we have mentioned above and on the heading of this article. As a lot of players started using forbidden means to capture Pokemon, Niantic started issuing soft bans for such kind of players. The company forced many apps to shut down after they were used to catch more Pokemon without even leaving the house. The ban also affects players who have signed into an external app to check Individual Values and to track Pokemons, Engadget reported. Luckily, there are recent talks stating that a new "Pokemon Go" update is coming out very soon.

So if you are also thinking when it wil laucnd in your India here we are having a good news for you, it is reported that India is also added in the server list by the game makers and within in the mid of August it will be launched in India.

A safety message is displayed on a screen in the 14th Street subway station, July 20, 2016 in New York City. They are filling up their Pokedex and are running out of places to explore.