Outrage after Virginia server receives 'racist' note in lieu of tip

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But before they could figure it out, the people who ordered the gyro and the drinks returned to the restaurant, angered after seeing the post.

Elledge is an American of Honduran and Mexican descent.

'It shouldn't even matter, I just feel like it's rude and disrespectful, ' she said.

"I was born here but I'm Mexican and Honduran", Elledge told WHSV, but the cheapskate couple never even spoke with Elledge.

On it were written words which have outraged the United States city of Harrisonburg, Virginia: "We only tip citizens".

"Coward is the word to describe what they did", said Angeliki Floros, Elledge's supervisor, to WHSV News. The woman who left the tip wouldn't comment on the situation. Sadie plays soccer and posts selfies on her Facebook page.

During a run-of-the-mill shift at Jess' Lunch, where she works as a server, one of Elledge's tables made a decision to pay their $26.11 bill sans tip.

When will people learn to stop writing very bad messages on receipts?

"I've gotten six wonderful grandkids", he said. They were angry that this was making the rounds on social media.

"The man "was yelling and screaming about the four digits [of the credit card]", said Tom Marchese, the manager at Jess" Lunch.

Elledge, a lawyer, has friends who are professional investigators: They soon turned up the woman who paid for the meal - who turned out to be friends with Karina's mom.

Despite the unwelcome surprise, Ms Elledge says she would "be the better person" and serve the couple again.

The woman who left the nasty note, however, was overheard speaking with a foreign accent, according to local media.

"We didn't talk much". "I said obviously, it was an insult - your signature against my granddaughter - darn right I'm going to post it". 'She was mad that I posted it ... the guy, he was being really belligerent'. However, when she found the receipt she learned why.