Milwaukee imposes curfew to quell rioting sparked by police shooting

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Flynn also said that officers came under fire Sunday but that no officers returned fire. Many posts contained threats against him and a photo.

Klinger pointed out that the city saw protests Sunday night, though less intense than Saturday, after the officer's race was publicized.

Police prepare to close a park in Milwaukee, Monday, Aug. 15, 2016.

The Sherman Park neighborhood erupted in chaos Saturday night after a black suspect was fatally shot by a black Milwaukee police officer.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin is pressing state investigators to release body-camera video from the fatal shooting of a black Milwaukee man.

Milwaukee has become the latest USA city to be gripped by unrest after high-profile police killings of black men over the past two years.

Cecil Brewer, 67, who owns an apartment house directly across from the intersection where protesters burned a gas station on Saturday night and hurled rocks at police on Sunday night, said the rioting was all but inevitable.

The man, whose name has not been released, was shot late Sunday during a demonstration to protest the killing of a black man by a police officer a day earlier. In addition to the shooting, city police said on Twitter Monday morning that four officers were injured, 14 people were arrested, 30 shots were fired and three squad cars were damaged overnight.

Police made six arrests Monday night in Milwaukee, as protesters continued to vent their frustrations over the shooting death of an armed black man, Sylville Smith, on Saturday.

Milwaukee is moving up its curfew for teenagers following violence on the city's north side after the police-involved shooting of a black man.

Eight officers were wounded, and dozens of people were arrested, police said.

Relative peace returned to Milwaukee as a 10 p.m. curfew for minors went into effect and community leaders called for calm after two nights of unrest following a police shooting on Saturday. "Subjectively there's been less tonight than there was last night", he said.

Barrett added Monday night's peaceful gatherings were "very encouraging" but remained cautious that "things could happen" later in the evening while Flynn credited community leaders and pastors for leading the charge for peace.

Flynn and Barrett also said they want the public to see the video reportedly showing the shooting. Flynn and Barrett have repeatedly stated that Smith refused to drop a loaded firearm he brandished at an officer.

Police say Smith was fleeing a traffic stop and was armed with a handgun when he was shot by a black police officer.

Police Chief Edward Flynn said on Sunday that video from the officer's body camera showed Smith had turned toward the officer with a gun in his hand.

Six businesses were burned Saturday night, the first and worst night of the unrest.