Matthew McConaughey has a YouTube channel nobody knew about

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You can always count on Reddit users to uncover the internet's best kept secrets.

Intermittent nude bongo player, future college professor and professional Olympics cheerleader Matthew McConaughey has yet another hobby to add to his eclectic array of extracurricular activities: YouTube.

The entertainment site wrote that McConaughey has just over 45,000 subscribers at the time of writing, although that has grown to more than 66,000 subscribers now that the news has been revealed.

Were you in the know about Matthew's YouTube channel?

Watch McConaughey's most popular video post above.

Therefore, a mere 48 hours ago, the "True Detective" Season 1 star could boast about only 12,500 views of his half-dozen videos. So what are McConaughey's videos actually about? (The video itself is titled "Matthew McConaughey's video o ...") The second most recent video, also titled "Matthew McConaughey's video o ...", is a trailer for the animated movie Kubo and the Two Strings, to which he also lent his voice. Each video is filmed in McConaughey's Austin, TX, home and opens with "Hey, McConaughey here".

Shot on his computer camera, Matthew looks as laid back and cool as ever as he dreamily gazes into your soul from his living room and shares insight on the many unbelievable causes he supports, including the Just Keep Livin and I Am Water foundations.