Margot Robbie Really Wants To Do a Harley Quinn & Joker Movie

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Furthermore, "Suicide Squad" failed to give us a deep insight on The Joker.

When Jared Leto's Suicide Squad Joker was officially revealed, fans went bananas over his new look (and not in a good way). When Harley Quinn first plunges into that pit of acid (fun!) Joker has no tattoos, and no shiny teeth, and is a totally different Joker. In fact, it was originally even more complex.

In an episode of Tipsy Talk, Robbie admitted that the editing team probably realized there was too much of a focus on Harley and the Joker and not enough focus on the current storyline.

'The Legend of Tarzan star said: "I'm trying to make that happen". One of this Joker's most notable tattoos is the inscription of the word "damaged" across his forehead. We will see younger versions of them.

He also enumerated several scenes that were shown in the trailers, but absent in the movie. She has something to spill about the secret with her voice as Harley. "People really wanted more Joker and wanted him to be an A-plot component". Wasn't the plan that Harley would learn to walk away from the Joker, regaining full control over her life in the process?

"Harley's got a massive fan base in the comic book world".

Can The Joker Really Be A Sweetheart?

HollywoodLifers, do you think Harley Quinn and The Joker should get their own spinoff? It's really hard to think about doing anything else! "But they have a method to their madness".

During an appearance on the YouTube series Tipsy Talk, Robbie spoke to host Hazel Hayes about why she thinks numerous Clown Prince of Crime's scenes were cut.

She has previously told Tribute (via CBM) that she was "so not done playing that character and there's so much more to do with her".

Just because they're mighty onscreen doesn't mean they're immune to criticism off. I'm just like, "please get it right, please get it right; please make all the things I love about that character evident on screen"...