An Olympic Race Walker Pooped Himself, Started Bleeding And Still Placed 8th

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Diniz, an worldwide men's racewalking star, was forced to stop competing and regroup Friday thanks to a poorly timed bowel movement during the 50-kilometre walk event in Rio. It is unclear what caused the collapse, but the athlete did not appear well for much of that time and complained of stomach pain. Around the 36-kilometer mark, however, he collapsed to the pavement, which an announcer quickly determined was "the end of it".

Yohann Diniz lead for the majority of the race, extending his lead to over a minute a one point.

Despite all the issues he encountered, the 38-year-old proved himself to be a true Olympic hero by refusing to give up and persevering.

The weather also may have played a role.

Diniz succumbed to that unfortunate plight of long distance racing when he uncontrollably soiled himself during the final of the 50km.

Diniz, who is the world-record holder for the 50 km, felt sick earlier Friday before the race, according to France's L'Equipe. Through 30 kilometers, he had a commanding lead of about a minute and a half that was increasing with each step.

Heroically, Dinz finished eighth in the race - and faced more good news when he was bumped up to seventh when another race walker was disqualified. He finished in 7th place. Slovakia's Matej Toth won the gold.

Diniz slipped to second place after his brief break.