Sen. Cory Gardner backs Trump

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On Tuesday, the RNC announced a social media campaign focused on engaging Hispanic voters.

The series, called "GOP Hispanics: The Week Ahead" features Hispanic speakers discussing the topic of the week.

"Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's Iran deal propped up our enemies and alienated allies", she begins.

There are just two mentions of Trump's name in the video - and no mention of his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" - and they come at the end.

"Donald Trump wants the lead and be respected", she continues. At the National Western Conservative Summit in July, Glenn said, "While we may not agree on everything, I proudly stand with Donald Trump".

Many of Trump's controversial statements have been at odds with the RNC's 2013 strategy document, which advised revamping the GOP's stance on immigration and the role of government to curry favor with Hispanic voters, as well as urging, "The RNC must invest financial resources in Hispanic media". Cory Gardner is publicly backing Donald Trump for president, despite concerns about the unpopular standard-bearer, who could hurt the party down the ballot in November.

The New York mogul has also criticized the federal judge hearing the case of alleged fraud against Trump University, calling him biased due to the fact that he is of Mexican origin, despite being born in the United States.

However, conservative Hispanics say that immigration is not the only issue the group is anxious about and Trump's focus on domestic issues, the economy and national security makes him the right choice.

After months of holding off, Republican Sen.

Former Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe is among the 123 Republicans who have urged the Republican National Committee to no longer fund Donald Trump.