Google's Unveils New Video Chat App That Works on Any Phone

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Soon Microsoft's Skype will be facing serious competition from the search giant, Google.

Google first revealed the existence of Duo at the company's annual developers conference in May. The company feels that this one-on-one video chatting app will feel more "human" than others now on the market. Apple blocks the Google app from accessing its devices' screens, so iPhone users only get an incoming call notification without the video.

Knock, knock, Google's video chatting app has arrived.

Duo has been built with an emphasis on privacy and security, and all calls are end-to-end encrypted, the company said.

Duo also uses phone numbers, rather than a Google account or Gmail address, making it easier to call friends, family and other people already stored on smartphone contact lists. "Duo has been built to be fast and reliable, so that video calls connect quickly and work well even on slower networks".

Duo is available in the United States now, and Google says that it will be available worldwide "in the next few days". Using the app, you can reach anyone else based exclusively on their number.

Most significantly, Duo has been created to switch between using WiFi and using mobile data to support calls without dropping them. Duo can also automatically reduce video resolution so that your important personal and business interactions are never interrupted.

Google has introduced a new feature "Knock Knock" that allows people to see live video of the caller before they answer, helping users connect with the person even before they even pick up.

The new app, announced in May, is being released on Tuesday as a free service for phones running on Google's Android operating system as well as Apple's iPhones.

If are willing to take the risk by installing the APK before its official release, you can download it here.