Dana White Thinks UFC 202 Will Break PPV Record

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UFC president Dana White tried to stop McGregor from launching the bottles and cans at Diaz's team, but by that point things had already gotten very ugly.

When the fight hit the mat in the second round of their first meeting, Nate Diaz showed his Brazilian jiu-jitsu superiority over Conor McGregor. "The Vegas traffic is heavy this time of the day", he joked.

Prior to the first fight, McGregor punched Diaz's hand during a prefight staredown. As you know, McGregor has skipped out on a presser earlier this summer, and was also late for another one...

McGregor connected with big shots that opened up Diaz and taunted one of the best in-fight trash talkers in UFC history.

"F**k your whole team", said Diaz.

Big names like Roman Reign and industry veterans such as Rick Flair and Kurt Angle all angrily fired back at "The Notorious", while one former pro-wrestling superstar turned UFC fighter, CM Punk watched on in disbelief. "Get them out of here". The UFC responded by pulling him from a UFC 200 main event on July 9.

Once he did arrive, Diaz elected to leave, likely as retaliation for McGregor showing up fashionably late.

McGregor immediately set his sights on a rematch and was firm in his demands, insisting the fight take place at welterweight once again despite him campaigning regularly at lighter weights.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission does have authority over Saturday's fight and there could be repercussions because of the outburst. According to LA Times' Lance Pugmire, security says Nick Diaz was a key player in creating this mess. They didn't put me in the card-that's okay-and the card bombed. Every press conference delivered another moment that became a viral clip or comment that got added to the MMA lexicon and social media vocabulary.