Corbyn Wins Big Among Local Labour Parties

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Mr Corbyn fails to command the support of the Parliamentary Labour Party and in June lost a vote of no confidence 172-40.

She continued: "I'd like to see them not inciting it, I'd like to see them not standing on platforms and encouraging the sort of action where crowds of people turn up outside MPs offices and stop what is actually our job".

"It's silly because if you join a party you should be able to vote for your leader". "This is the reason so many people are fed up with Labour politicians". Even former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, was suspended by Corbyn in April for denouncing Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people and arguing that Adolf Hitler, the former leader of Nazi Germany, was a supporter of Zionism.

"Just a few weeks ago, two days after Jeremy Hunt was reappointed, we saw in the new business plan for the NHS new plans, secret plans in truth, to offer greater private provision", he said. The turnout among the constituencies ranged from just 7% to 15%, according to the New Stateman's George Eaton, with most members choosing to abstain. She added that she had allowed Tory MPs "free rein to crow and mock me" over the issue. It's all really overblown. I have never claimed that hundreds of thousands of new joiners are revolutionary socialists and those who claim I did are attacking a straw man.

Corbyn's opponents challenged his leadership for what they call inadequate efforts to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union.

Supporters cheer on the speakers at the rally.


Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at authorities who "indulge in an orgy of xenophobia and racism" rather than focusing on providing local services and developing the economy. "It's their money I would be spending after all". "There's a real disconnect between Corbynite noise in meetings and on social media and where members are". I've got no idea what they think is going to happen in future or if they don't care what happens in parliament.

She added: "I don't feel welcome by huge swathes of now the Labour Party".

"I am a woman who takes her kids on the school run".

In an ambitious move, Corbyn will unveil plans to give councils more control over bus routes and renationalize the railways; promising fare savings of up to 10 percent for passengers under his government.

Research director at BMG Research Dr Michael Turner said: "Interestingly, it appears that Ms May's play since becoming Conservative leader, to occupy the centre ground of British politics, is bearing fruit. The rolling back of the state, the destruction of public services, the programme of austerity".