Tesla Model S 100D And Model X 100X In The Works

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A new flagship variant for Tesla's all-electric super sedan is reportedly looming large on the horizon, with the Dutch auto registration authority issuing type approval for several Tesla models - among them, the "Tesla Model S P100D" - which clears them to be licensed and driven in the European Union.

The extra 10kWh capacity is apparently going to add another 90 miles or so on the Model S and take its ultimate range up to about 380 miles. Tesla hasn't made any official announcements for their upcoming products. All Teslas except for entry-level models have dual motors. However the clients wanting to have this new range battery will have to charge a good amount of money for it too.

The new 1000kWh will be able to provide a new range of 380 miles per charge which is a pretty impressive range for any auto. To get to the next billion faster, the company began a 3-month road trip around the world to showcase the "uncompromised capabilities of Model S and Model X to new communities of enthusiasts".

The details show that authorities have approved 100D and 100X models for Tesla, suggesting that the long-rumoured 100kWh battery pack could hit the market soon. Mr. Chowdhry also expects the software-limited battery updates will be introduced for higher end models, similar to the 60kWh and 75kWh options. Users who want to go for cheaper cars can go for smaller battery packs with 60kWh battery.

Things just keep getting better and better for Tesla Motors. Over time we have seen the automaker miss out on delivery deadlines for its vehicles. The company then released a press statement, saying despite such a problem being very rare, it will still "provide extra security during charging", as reported by Electrek.co. When the Giga Factory becomes fully operational it will have the license to work on new variants without delaying other vehicles.