Michael Phelps Announces Retirement from Swimming: "This Time I Mean It"

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Instead, he would take a break from the sport after his fourth Olympics, figure out the best place to train - and come back.

Reflecting on his success in the 200m butterfly at Rio 2016, Michael Phelps said: "I wanted that gold medal to retire with". "If there's a kid that's hungry enough and will work hard enough, it'll be enjoyable for me". "Michael Phelps medals", and "how many medals did Phelps win in 2016?"

Phelps dominates the first week.

"It was something different and something very special".

"(The 800) was the last race of my meet here and I wanted to remember it really well, " she said. Including the other sensation of Rio - Simone Biles who took home for gold medals. "This is it. I said before, but you guys can say, this is the last time".

"What do you want to do as a 31-year-old laving swimming behind you, with a long life ahead of you?" asked Lauer.

After collecting 23 gold medals, three silvers and two bronzes over 12 years during four Olympic games.

"But also spending time with the team". He hasn't lost an Olympic final since 2008.

Luckily for you, we have the answers you need, so keep reading to learn more about the unbelievable accomplishments of Michael Phelps. Bolt should blow away the field in the 200 on Thursday night.

"I was walking with my backpack on one shoulder, the baby's backpack on the other shoulder and the vehicle seat in one hand so daddy duties are on me", he said.

"The 100 fly, I think, was really cool". I'm retired. I'm done. I'm not sure what to believe with Bolt.

But there will always be a void where Phelps and Bolt once lived so large. I've prayed for you each day in Rio.

How many gold medals did Michael Phelps win?

He also passed along a message for the next generation of swimmers. "It's been an fantastic career, a ridiculous career and there's no better way of finishing how I did", he said on Sunday. The relay?' And I was like, 'Mom, we're done.

Early Monday morning, Bolt described after winning the 100 a recurring dream he has been having where he is being chased. Because I was able to come back and do what I did here.

But Phelps wasn't the only Olympian to find a way to carry his younger family members with him to Rio... As for those of us watching, it is wise to appreciate them now and catch them both while we still can. In our thirties, they are what we would like to think we could be again if we shed pounds and unwrap those unused running shoes.